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Concession Fundraiser





CMGI Field

Non-Profit Group Information


As a new era in New England Patriots history nears, the staff at CMGI Field seeks to make it the best facility in the NFL.  To accomplish their goals for CMGI, they need our support, hard work and understanding.  The basic concept of customer service will always be the driving force.  Our organization will provide a service to Patriot fans and hopefully make their visit to the stadium a pleasant and memorable one.  One in which they look forward to their next visit.


We, the QHS Cheerleading Program, have been selected to run a concession location at the new CMGI Field for the 2002-2003 New England Patriots season.  We have been committed to all Pats home games (pre-season through post-season) and select other events throughout the year (which will be determined at a later date).  If this fundraising opportunity works well for this trial year, we will continue this operation in years to come.  And this may end up being the only fundraising effort that we will have to endure all year!  YEAH!!


In order for us to be successful in this endeavor, we need the cooperation and commitment by all parents and team members.  Without this, we won’t be successful and we won’t be given the opportunity to do this fundraiser again.  The kids and my coaching staff can’t (and won’t) do this alone…we need the help and commitment of parents, friends and family members!


As you understand, CMGI Field and the New England Patriots are for-profit businesses.  Their main goal is to earn a profit.  The QHS Cheerleaders are a non-profit organization and our main goal is to raise money to fund our program.  This partnership will allow our organization and CMGI to prosper.  However, we must remember that CMGI and the Patriots are businesses and this partnership they are allowing us to have must also be run like a business.  Think of this opportunity as a part-time job, although your paycheck will be benefiting your team.  So please always remember that while this is a great fundraising opportunity for us, we must conduct ourselves with a high level of professionalism, courtesy, and customer service.


This guide is to help everyone involved in this endeavor to understand the rules and regulations set forth by the staff of CMGI Field, the New England Patriots, and the Kraft family.




A.  Requirements:

1.      People – All groups who register to work at CMGI must commit to the number of people they will have available for each event.  Our (2) portable locations require (8) people total; (2) of which must be TIPS/Serv Safe certified.  Individuals must be at least 16 years of age to serve food and must be at least 18 years of age to serve alcoholic beveragesNo cheerleader 18 years of age or older will be allowed to serve alcoholic beverages.  NO EXCEPTIONS will be made!  I.D.s will be checked at every event check-in.  All parties involved will be assigned to a “Team”. 


Each team will consist of:          (2) TIPS/Serv Safe certified Adults;

            (2) Other Parents/Adults;

(4) Team Members 


If you are unable to attend your scheduled event, you MUST find a replacement.  We cannot be understaffed so it is the responsibility of the individual to find a replacement.



2.      Training – Each group will have to undergo orientation and training.  For the initial training, each organization must have in attendance all of the volunteers they have committed for the first event.  Training will include stand operation, food production, point of sale operation (cash register), and basic event procedures.  Training sessions will begin in July.  As new members work events and are instructed by the group trainer, they will be considered “trained” employees.



3.      TIPS/Serv Safe – Above and beyond normal food service training, members of the group who will operate registers must be TIPS trained and certified.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS.  All alcoholic beverage servers/cashiers must be over 18 years old.  We will also require for every group that at least Stand Managers and Assistants be Serv Safe certified for food handling, although as many members as possible are urged to attend.  Quality Beverage in Taunton, MA will provide this training at no cost to our program.  Training dates and times will be announced as soon as they become available (some time in June).



4.      Group Leaders – Each group will be required to have a designated Group Leader/Stand Manager, an Assistant Stand Manager and a Stand Trainer at every event.  Stand Managers, Assistant Managers and Trainers will have separate and distinguishable duties for which they will be responsible.  These are described in more detail later.  It is advised for groups to have more than one trained Manager, Assistant and Trainer, which will allow for these people to rotate events.  The Stand Manager or the Assistant will also be the main contact for the group for staffing purposes.



5.      Commitment – Organizations who sign-up for football operations must commit to providing their guaranteed number of volunteers for every football game and at least some of the soccer games and concerts.  For this policy, there can also be no exceptions.  Groups who are unable to commit to every football game will be used for portable locations, alternative fill-ins, and backup for soccer, concerts and other special events.  In other words, we risk losing our location if we cannot attend the games/events that we have committed to.



6.      Gate List – Groups will be required to provide a gate list (names of all volunteers) that will be working the next event.  This list must be submitted five (5) business days prior to the event.  This list will be used for access to the event, uniforms as well as other functions of management.




B.  General Stadium Policies, Procedures and Information

1.      Check-inCheck in time will be strictly enforced.  It is critical that everyone understands the importance of this!

-         All volunteers must report to check-in a minimum of three hours prior to gates opening.


**CMGI Management may lessen this time as the season goes on and each stand is fully operational and comfortable with the process.



2.      Employee Meals – Management will provide a list of menu selections that will be available for employee consumption.  No food or beverage can be consumed while working on the front line or while preparing food.  Specialty foods are not available for employee consumption.


**Consumption of alcoholic beverages on stadium property is expressly forbidden.


3.      Non-Profit Employee Policy – Remember that while you are all volunteers, you are here to work the event.  We have a business to run and responsibility to provide quality customer service to all of our fans.  All group members will be considered employees with regard to policies and procedures in place for all stadium personnel during an event.



4.      Bags No bags, backpacks, or pocketbooks will be allowed into the stadium.  Employees will be allowed to bring in small clutch size purses if they are clear (see through) for medication and/or emergency needs only.  It is recommended to only bring your identification and a small amount of money (if necessary) in your pocket.



5.      Uniforms – Uniforms will be issued for all employees and must be returned at the end of the event. If the complete number of uniforms issued at any event is not returned, we will be charged.  Employees must report to work in full uniform, ready to work.  Ready to work in complete uniform includes:

·        Polo Shirt (provided by CMGI) and tucked in

·        Pants (individual’s responsibility): khaki or dark tan.  NO JEANS!  Khaki shorts may be worn for summer events, not during football

·        Visors (provided by CMGI) Visors will be laundered after each event, however, you may purchase your own through CMGI.

·        Apron (provided by CMGI)

·        Jacket (provided by CMGI-when appropriate)

·        Hair combed and tied back

·        Fingernails clean and trimmed

·        Jewelry; It is recommended that you remove all jewelry prior to report to work.  If jewelry is worn, the following policies must be followed:  Earrings are limited to one pair of stud type earrings (nothing large and/or dangling); no dangling bracelets or necklaces.  No visible body piercings i.e. nose, eyebrows, tongue, etc. 

·        Uniform clean and pressed

·        Clean shoes and socks must be worn; no open toe shoes.  Sneakers or boots are recommended.



6.      Portable Location – Our (2) portable locations will sell Grilled items (i.e. hamburgers, hot dogs, etc.), Non-Alcoholic Beverages, and Draft & Bottled Beer.  Publicity for our location (signage, tip jar, any pre-printed materials featuring our name or logo) will be provided by CMGI.



7.      Parking - Parking passes will be limited to (6) per organization and will be issued a few games at a time.  Please have a set number of people that will be attending so that the count can be as accurate as possible.  Car-pooling is essential.  The parking location of non-profit workers is yet to be designated in the new stadium layout.  Our group will be informed of where parking will be when we go in for training.



8.      Absolutely Off Limit Things (Last but certainly not least) – Group members are not allowed to sit in the seating bowl, stand in portals, or watch the game from any viewing areas around the field.  These areas are for ticket holders only.  Soliciting autographs and/or pictures with players, coaches or staff members is expressly forbidden.  No gum chewing, consuming alcohol or smoking while working.  We will lose our privilege to run the stand if these policies are no adhered to by EVERYONE!




C.  Commission

Group Payment – Groups will earn commission on all sales with exception of beer for which a salary will be determined by management.  At the beginning of each event the group stand manager will inventory all products in the stand.  This inventory will be matched with the stand sheet; the area supervisor must verify any discrepancies.  Cash deposits will be matched with inventory results, all shortages will be deducted from commissions and all overages are the property of management.  Groups will not reconcile inventory results with cash at their stand.  This will only be allowed at the main cash room by management.


            Portable locations:      - 11% All Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverage Sales

                                                - ˝ % for each of the following criteria:

1. All volunteers arrive on time as scheduled by CMGI

                              2. All volunteers in uniform and stand completely ready by gate opening

3. Provide quality customer service, high quality food and presentation, and a clean stand at close of event.


Maximum of 12.5% on all food & non-alcoholic beverage sales


- Alcoholic beverages will be paid on a flat rate of $60.00 per POS person per location.  For our organization, we will be paid $120.00 per event for beer sales.



Commission checks will be sent to each group on a monthly basis.


**Note:  Commission rates are subject to change.  Since this is a new venue, commission rates are subject to change as event histories are developed.  Commissions will be evaluated on an ongoing basis.  Any contemplated changes will be discussed with each organization well in advance of any adjustments. 




D.  Staffing Options

There are three positions within every group that need to be filled.  They are Stand Manager, Assistant Stand Manager and Trainer.  The duties of these positions are described below.  Every group must have these three positions filled at every event.  Therefore if your group has a large number of people to draw from you may want to have two or three people trained for each one of these positions.


Stand Manager Responsibilities:

·        The group stand manager is responsible for all inventory counts.  The stand manager will perform a beginning inventory, log all spoilage on stand sheet (all spoilage will be placed in a container for verification by a supervisor), record all employee meals, accept all deliveries, perform any transfers, and do closing inventory.

·        The stand manager is responsible for managing food production, quality, quantity, and presentation.

·        The stand manager will perform final inventory, direct all staff in cleaning of stand, and secure all products in proper storage locations.

·        The stand manager will then turn in a stand sheet with the closing inventory to the area supervisor for approval.  The area supervisor will verify cleanliness of the stand, spot check inventory, verify all spoilage and initial stand sheet.

·        The area supervisors (CMGI representatives) will extend all stand sheets.  The receipt for cash turned in is then matched to the inventory results.  Shortages in excess of .5% will require a recount of stand inventory by the area supervisor and stand manager.  If no discrepancies are found in the recount, the stand shortage will be deducted from group commissions.

·        All overages are property of CMGI Field.


Assistant Stand Manager Responsibilities:

·        The assistant stand manager is responsible for all monies.

·        At a scheduled time, the assistant manager will report to the cash room to collect the starting bank for the event.

·        The assistant manager will verify the beginning bank, distribute starting banks to cashiers, perform scheduled cash pulls during the event, give change, and collect all cash at close of event.

·        The assistant manager will transport all cash to the main cash room (with a police escort) to perform a final count.

·        The cash will then be turned over to a banker for verification.  The assistant manager will collect a receipt from the banker for all cash turned in.  This receipt will be a confirmation of return of all cash from sales and starting bank.


Trainer Responsibilities:

·        The trainer will attend every game when there are new workers attending, which based on the size of your group, should be on a regular basis.

·        The trainer’s main function is to instruct new employees to the operations, procedures and functions of the stand or cart.  They do count towards the minimum head count for the group and should pitch in and help out during high volume times.  However, the most important thing for them to do is make sure that the new employees leave with a thorough understanding of hwo the stand is run and how things like inventory, food preparation, tangent system, and cleaning are handled.


**The above duties may vary depending on what type of location your group works.  Your group leaders will get a detailed explanation of the specific duties at training.




E.  Football Schedule

2002-2003 New England Patriots Schedule

Date                                                    Opponent                                                        Game Time


Saturday, August 17                             Philadelphia (Pre-Season)                                 8:00 PM

Friday, August 23                                 Carolina (Pre-Season)                                      8:00 PM

Monday, September 9                          Pittsburgh                                                         9:00 PM
Sunday, September 22                          Kansas City                                                     1:00 PM

Sunday, October 13                             Green Bay                                                        1:00 PM

Sunday, October 27                             Denver                                                             4:15 PM

Sunday, November 24                         Minnesota                                                        1:00 PM

Sunday, December 8                            Buffalo                                                             1:00 PM

Sunday, December 22                         New York Jets                                                 8:30 PM

Sunday, December 29                        Miami                                                               1:00 PM


**Keep in mind that gates open at least 2 hours prior to game time and check-in time for volunteers is 3 hours prior to gates opening.








CMGI Volunteer Sign-Up Information



Name:                                                                                     Daughter’s Name:                                                    



Telephone Number:                                                               (Daytime)                                                       (Evening)



1.  I am interested in the following responsibilities:


o     Becoming TIPS/Serv Safe Certified (18 years of age or older)

**Training will be in June


o     Becoming a Stand Manager


o     Becoming a Stand Assistant Manager


o     Becoming a Trainer


o     Handling all pick-up and return of uniforms on event day



2.  I am not able to work the following football dates:



o     Saturday, August 17                   

o     Friday, August 23          

o     Monday, September 9

o     Sunday, September 22

o     Sunday, October 13 

o     Sunday, October 27

o     Sunday, November 24

o     Sunday, December 8

o     Sunday, December 22

o     Sunday, December 29




o     I am able to work more than (2) football games if needed


o     I am willing to work other events (i.e. soccer games & concerts) if needed, with ample notice (2 weeks)


o     I am willing to provide transportation for car-pooling if needed


o     I am not able to work the concessions at CMGI, but am willing to volunteer for other activities

*If something arises and you are not able to work your scheduled game or know you cannot work a specific event date, please notify Coach Lauren as soon as possible so she can plan accordingly.


**Please return this sign-up sheet to Coach Lauren by June 10.





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